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Would you please write a thank you very much note to LaNouba from me. The waffles and the marshmallows are super excellent !!!!! I enjoyed every little bite. Now I do not have to wait anymore until Christmas time to purchase Belgium chocolates and pralines. There are 2 stores in Phoenix, AZ that sells European sweets, but only at Christmas time. To be honest, I cannot stand the American stuff because it is too sweet. Every time I eat a cookie or chocolate my stomach turns upside down due to all the sugar or the sugar substitutes. It is the same with the over soft bread. For 10 years I eat only Wasa Knaeckebrot (crisp cracker bread) I grew up in Europe - I have adjusted myself to the life in the US a lot, but sweets and bread / rolls I'll never ever eat. Regards, Ruth Reuter

- Ruth Reuter Phoenix, Arizona 85042

http://www.thenibble.com/reviews/diet/candy/lanouba-marshmallows.asp La Nouba Sugar-Free Marshmallows Sugar-Free, Fat-Free & Low-Carb Overview When it’s time for a cup of sugar-free cocoa, or a sugar-free snack, don’t you wish someone would invent sugar-free marshmallows—that taste good? We’ve found them—and sugared or sugar-free, they are darn tasty marshmallows. Tastier, we think, than most of the ones available with sugar. Made by La Nouba, a Belgian manufacturer that specializes in sugar-free candies, jams and waffles, the marshmallows substitute maltitol and isomalt for sucrose (table sugar). They are identical in some ways, and superior in others, to regular marshmallows. (Read about the different sugar substitutes.) La Nouba sugar-free marshmallows have the same scent, texture, and meltability/roastability as a “regular” marshmallow. You can chew them or pop them in your cocoa or melt them into s’mores. The superior part is the density: Unlike the air-puffed, ghostly white commercial products most most people buy, these marshmallows are substantive and attractive. Half white, half pink, they are the dandiest marshmallows we’ve seen, sugar or sugar-free. Types Of Marshmallows La Nouba makes two styles of marshmallow: plain and chocolate-covered. Fat-free as well as sugar-free, they’re created from water, sweeteners (maltitol, isomalt, maltitol syrup, lactitol) gelatine, natural colors and natural vanilla flavoring. A large* marshmallow is 15.3 calories. We can’t think of a better way to enjoy 15 calories. *7.5 grams, 1-3/8" x 1-1/4 x 5/8" Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows The marshmallows are also sold with a Callebaut chocolate coating made of cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, lecithin and dark chocolate. Calories: 47.3 apiece, and worth it!

- The Nibble

Many thanks. I was able to pickup the goods yesterday. The waffles are excellent! Antonia

- Anotina W Switserland

Ik heb mijn bestelling uiterst snel ontvangen, dat was gewoon fantastisch ! Het is ook leuk dat er een paar "stalen" bijzaten. De witte chocolade reep is ook heel lekker. Ik heb een behoorlijke voorraad nu, maar ik ga zeker nog bestellen in de toekomst.

- Anneke

Thank you for a great service - and very delicious chocolate. When I run out, I'll definitely be purchasing a new stock from you!

- hatafa867@hotmail.com

When I started on an HG diet to help with my fibromyalgia, I learned to duplicate lots of desserts using Splenda. But, the one thing my husband and I missed was marshmallows! Did I hit the jackpot when I found the La Nouba Marshmallows! My favorite is the chocolate covered, his is the plain, but he's always willing to eat a few from my bag. We especially like them from the freezer! Thank you La Nouba!!

- fairykat@sbcglobal.net

It's time to offer an olive branch to those unfortunate enough not to be able to wallow in such sweetness, whether they're diabetic, allergic, or determinedly being virtuous in endeavoring to hold their weight down. La Nouba Incorporated, Midland Park, N.J. (www.lanouba.net, 1866-697-8477), distributes what we have been told by a diabetic who partook of them is the best sugar-free, low-carbohydrate chocolate bars she has ever tasted. Utilizing Maltitol as the sweetening agent--one that does not leave a bitter aftertaste or engender digestive woes as many artificial sweeteners do--La Nouba's Classic Bars come in mint, raspberry, coconut, almond, and dark, milk, and white chocolate. All natural with no preservatives, additives, or waxes, these are a godsend for those with a sweet tooth who can not have normal sweets.

- USA Today Article

The Mint Chocolate bar is tasty!! I look forward to trying more of your products!! I am on a low carb diet and it is nice to know that I don't have to give up good chocolate.

- amanda

I am very impressed with the product The Diabetes Nutrition Store

- Andrea Lowry

we tried one of your coconut chocolate bars, not expecting much as far as taste. We are in total disbelieve about the great taste of these bars.

- anita riddick

Candy delicious!

- Ann Neumann

I found your jams in a store in West Virginia while visiting. I loved them!

- Ashley McKnight

All I can say is, my tastbuds have died and gone to heaven. I am on Atkins and have a HUGE sweet tooth and I found your choc. bar by accident at Magruders and I'm in love. Will be ordering more this week.

- Candace

I purchased on of your Cream chocolate bars and found it outstanding.

- Cathe Fahrner

I had my first of your chocolate bars and it was divine!! I am also diabetic and looking forward to having more of your product.

- Claire Bersani

A friend of mine said you have the best ....sugar free dark chocolate bars.....,

- COHEN7989@aol.com

I found the Marshmellows and chocolate hazelnut spead when i was at Delite's in Florida, and I melted and mixed the marshmellows with the KETO crisp cereal and BAM!! LOW CARB RICE CRISPY TREATS!!! ooh my, now I am getting all emotional

- Darienne

Thank you for adding a sugarless product that fits a health conscious lifestyle! You are providing a GREAT product for those that wish to stay away from all the dubious/potentially dangerous chemical sweeteners that flood the market. No aftertaste, delicious, what more could I ask? Thanks, Dawn Budner Park Ridge, NJ

- dawn bunder

I am pregnant and on a special low carb no salt diet. I just tried you dark chocolate bar and I am in LOVE !!!

- Dawn DeAngelo

Just tried the marshmallows, YUMMM! Is it possible to purchase stock in the company,

- Deb Belcore

I had your candy bar and it was amazing, so I'd like to try some of your other products. I'm sending some candy bars to my uncle in Virginia, he'll be very excited because he love chocalte as much as me. .

- debra paoli

letting you all know , your chocolate is delious, found in a store named duane readeand love them

- denise lavery

I live in Oakland, NJ and purchased a couple of your candy bars at some store, I am on the Atkins diet and recently tried one of your chocolate bars. It was fabulous!!

- donna schwarz

THEY ARE THE BEST" I was in FL during the holidays and found your sugar free bars, Silhouette in Oviedo at Chameberlins. I live in Napa. Is there ia distributer in SF or the Bay Area that I could find your chocolates. They are the best. Thanks. Elisabeth Hunter

- Elisabeth Hunter

I was lucky enough to try one of your products and I found them to be the best diabetic chocolate that I have ever tasted. I could not tell that it was a diabetic product

- Evelyn Kohn Rayson

I tried the marshmallows while on vacation and loved them

- Fran Gaul

This is the best chocolate I've had since being diagnosed as a diabetic

- Gail Siverson

Your preserves, and I call them preserves instead of 'Spreads' as they're referred to on the label, because they are indeed preserves in every sense of the term. First of all, the word spread, has a negative connotation in the U.S. It often is understood to have something other than pure ingredients. 'Preserves' on the other hand means it possesses pieces of fruit, which your Cherry and Raspberry that I am familiar with certainly do. Your product is so far superior to Keto, I have made a point of going around to all of the stores that carry Keto to tell them that LaNouba is far superior. To date, three stores are bnow carrying your product as a result of my casual efforts. It's easy to sell something of a high quality, and I personally believe that yours is the finest product on the market of it's kind on the market.

- Garry Shulkind

We would like to replace Atkins Bars with your products.

- George Wager

this summer,I found your products at a store called the Sahara Mart.Your jams are DELICIOUS !!!!

- georges denton

Love your chocolates they have be come my life saver

- helen mcmenamin

I am diabetice and just had one of your dark chocolate bars--it was excellent! I would be hard pressed to distinguish it from regular chocolate!

- Jayne Resnick

I tasted one of your marshmallow snacks and they are great! »

- Jeanne Mazzola

I have recently discovered your chocolate bars and love them.

- Jeanne Schaberg

Hello, My friend brought some No Carb No Sugar Marshmallow to Paris when she visited, and I LOVED them.

- Jeannine Smith

I just discovered your products at a local store, and they are wonderful! Thank you for something that is good for diabetics and tastes so good too. Jodi chocolate!

- Jodi Edmundson

i LOVE LOVE LOVE your low carb chocolate bars, all the flavors. thank you.


Love your Marshmallow 0 Carb. would love to order, but the picture on the web site doesnt match the package I had. I am unsure that it is the same 0 carb. THIS IS GREAT FOR ATKINS Dieters....Obviously

- Karen Aarons

The chocolate is glorious. I'm looking forward to trying the marshmallows.

- Kevin Smith

My husband and I just started a modified low carb "eating habit modification" (I hate the word diet). My worst fear was having to give up chocolate. However, I was craving something "sweet" while on a trip, and came across the La Nouba sugar free Coconut chocolate bar. I was skeptical about taste, but, frankly, I really wanted to taste SOMETHING sweet for the first time in 2 weeks! I bought one for myself and one for my sister. THEY WERE DELICIOUS!!! I was so impressed, I went back to the same store and bought a bunch more to take home to my husband as a surprise! Needless to say, he was VERY happy! I would recommend these to anyone who is trying to cut down on either their carbs or fat.

- Laura

I love your chocolate bars. I eat one most every day and I have lost 29 pounds in the past six weeks on the Atkins. , Thaks for making this diet easier

- Lauren Spearman

I found your wonderful chocolates on a trip to Santa Cruz, Ca. I live near Santa Barbara, Ca. and would like to know if you have any one selling your products around this location so I can continue to enjoy them.

- Linda Hamel

I have a peanut allergy and dared to try your marshmellows today and LOVED them! I am not allergic to other nuts, only peanuts, so I just need to know if they are processed on the same equiptment. I didn't see any peanuts specifically in your products. That's wonderful if some of your products are peanut-free bc there are thousands of members on peanutallergy.com who are always looking for safe treats, and I would be excited to recommend your products. THanks for your help, Lisa Latella, CT, USA

- Lisa Latella



This was such a treat! Yor Dark Chocolate rates right up there with Godiva. I truly enjoyed this product.

- Lourdes Miranda

lowCARBS4life.com in lakewood colorado 303-539-9331 HAS La Nouba !!!

- low CARBS 4 life


- MARTI stanford

I purchased your marshmellows and loved them......we are on the low carb diet.

- Mary Anna hobing

They are great and no other sugar free lo carb products compare to yours!

- Mary Shackelford

I bought a bag of Marshmallows up North and LOVED them! They are great and NO CARBS !! I Never found this product before

- Mary Sharp

I follow a low carb lifestyle and recently tasted your product -- It's great.

- Matthews

I have tried your product once and LOVED it

- melissa wong

I had the pleasure of eating LaNouba Silhouette Chocolate Lemon Cream bar today. It was absolutely delicious.

- Monica Newell

I bought one of your "sugarless" chocolate bars in NJ when we were home over winter break. The taste was so far SUPERIOR to any of the other "sugarless" chocolates!

- n/a

I tasted one of your chocolate bars when I was home in NJ over winter break. It is so far SUPERIOR to other sugarless chocolates I wanted to cry. Where can I buy it in the Chicago area???

- n/a

I bought your raspberry preserves at the Low Carb store at Fashion Square. It is wonderful!

- n/a

I have discovered your chocolates and they are great. I am a diabetic so this is perfect

- nanct bruno

My whole family watches carb intake, and I have tasted your marshmallows, which are so delicious. Thank you for providing this product! P. Norris

- Pamela Norris

Today I tried a Silhouette Bar and i enjoyed it very much. I would like to order some more.

- Randi Young

today was my first opportunity to try your products out and I found that they are more than delightful.

- renee chambers

My husband is a diabetic and we were thrilled when we visited NYC recently and found your chocolate bars, as they were very deliciou

- Renee Tietjen

We sell alot of your products in our store. They are excellant products.

- Roberta Krouth

I am so glad I found this company, I have to tell you the truth I discovered your chocolate bar by accident. I am from New York and last weekend I drove through Vermont and stopped by a little store for a snack. I am an atkins fan so I hunt for these low carb snacks. I knew the moment I tasted this chocolate bar that I was hooked to your product. I absolutely love this chocolate bar, I can't belive its so good with low carb and no sugar. I am foever grateful Rosaria D'Albi

- Rosaria D'Albis



- Silvia Eugenia Montes Duncan

I tried your Vanilla Cream Chocolate Bar today and was surprised. Low carb and sugar sweets usually taste horrible. This was really good. I usually only eat European chocolate and this definitely made the cut. Feel good about cutting out a little sugar and fat.

- smith@aol.com

I'm writing to tell you that the white chocolate bar is my absolute favorite chocolate in this world. It tasts AMAZING

- Stephanie Jones

Earlier this week I pruchased one of your wonderful products--purely by accident and what a great item was discovered!!! I bought one of the Silhouette Low Fat Coconut bars--oh my goodness-how delicious. I was amazed at the low calories, low carbs, low fat--and still a wonderful taste! I am Diabetic Type 2, and told my doctor and dietician about my new discovery and asked their opinion about my eating this in my diet plan--and they gave their approval, and I am so thrilled. You can believe that I will tell all my friends and purchase many myself. I called the telephone number on the wrapper and spoke with a lovely lady named Mary to tell her how thrilled I was with your product. I hope to try other items as time goes on. Thank you so much for having such a nice treat for those of us with dietary restriction due to health issues. I am glad that I discovered La Nouba!!!

- Terri Donalson

- Ulrike Griebel

I am a Herbalife Distributor selling vitamins and diet products. Since most of my customers are on low carb diets, your products are great to recommend for snacks. I have tried the products and LOVE them.

- vicki bartlett

I taste your products and like them, and I would like to resale them as this will improve a lot my sales

- Victor I. Rivera

Tried the marshmallows and was immediately in love - and I never liked marshmallows. The store I bought them in (Clarks Summit, PA)only sold the plain ones. Was thrilled to see they come covered in chocolate as well. Where in the New York City area can I find them as well as any of your other products?

- Renee Romano

I purchased your marshmallows while on vacation in Massachusetts, and loved them! I would like to be able to buy them and your other products . Thank you!! You make a great product. Marci

- Marci Riseman

I purchased 2 packages of your marshmallows in a fuzziwigs store in Wrentham, MA. BLESS YOU!! I'm on Atkins and have missed marshmallows which were my favorite treat. They taste just like the regular ones!! Thank You!!

- Diedra


- the Nibble

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