Zero Sugar

Welcome to the world of Lanouba. Welcome to the world of sugar free chocolate. For all those wondering whether it is really possible to have sugarless chocolates, then just taste our range of chocolate bars, crisp wafers, stevia bars, marshmallows, fruit spreads, waffles and pralines. The delicious taste will linger on your taste buds for long and you will surely end up asking for more.

We at Lanouba ensure that you get to satisfy your sweet tooth, without compromising on your health. In fact, our zero sugar chocolates are known to help in rapid improvement of overall health. This is possible due to the key ingredient in the chocolate i.e., maltitol. Now, maltitol is a wonderful sugar substitute that is offers several health benefits. Maltitol is produced by hydrogenation of the disaccharide maltose , which in turn is obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis of purified starch. Maltitol is available both as a crystalline powder and as a syrup.

The rich creamy taste of our chocolates is courtesy maltitol. We ensure that you get to taste all your favorite chocolates without having to worry about adding unwanted calories in your body. Our range of chocolates, coming from Belgium, the home of chocolates, have become the favorite with weight watchers around the world, who have been all these days looking for a no sugar chocolate, which tastes good and is also good for health.

Sugar Free Chocolate

Our sugar free chocolate range is perfectly suited for those who are battling bulge. You can now make our sugarfree chocolates a part of your daily diet plan. When combined with a low carbohydrates diet program, our sugarless chocolates will help you lose unwanted weight in quick time. Try out our no sugar , delicious chocolates today and see your health improving dramatically. Thousands have already benefitted and it is time you did.

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