Chocolate Tablets 85g - Technical file





 What is Stevia

Stevia is the naturally sweet extract from the Stevia plant which originates 

from South America, where it has been used as a sweet herb for hundreds of years. 

Stevia extract is a wonderful alternative to sugar. As we know, 

sugar can be an unwelcome additive in our food. Since Stevia 

contains no calories or carbohydrates, it is a healthier alternative. 



Stevia as a sweetener in our chocolate 

As ‘the Belgian specialist’ of healthy chocolates, we have created a delicious chocolate, sweetened with the natural Stevia extract in combination with maltitol (<10%) and fibers. 

We carefully selected the best ingredients, so what you taste is a luxurious, 

velvety chocolate. The character and richness from the chocolate 

are preserved to create a healthy, but tasty chocolate… 


What are the advantages ? 

Stevia is a natural extract - No added sugar - Less than 10% polyols (no laxative effect) 

Lower in calories than conventional chocolate - Suitable for diabetics 

Rich in fibers - Excellent taste


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